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Your Bank Account, Your Braided Ponytail Wig and Your Blood Pressure

Braided Ponytail with Curly Tips (18 inches)

What do your bank account, your braided ponytail and your blood pressure have in common? Well, apart from having a smattering of the letter B and some letter Ps sprinkled across they are connected to make life easier for you. Before you go scrolling down, make a mental note of ways to maintain your assets here.

Do Not Break The Bank, Hunny!

How? Our product managers figured out that although we have a number of highly-priced protective styling units, it is important to offer you the same high-quality products at more affordable prices and save you some money. Result? A buoyant bank account that makes you feel good while we keep you looking even better. The product that fulfills this fantasy (it really is a fantastic choice of options) is the Braided Ponytail range that we are so immensely proud of.

The Braided Ponytail Array

The Braided Ponytail range is growing ever larger, thanks to unwavering demand from you. Take a quick look at the current list to see how much of a mini-ecosystem it is becoming: the Braided Ponytail with Curly Tips (18 inches), the Braided Ponytail with Curly Tips (30 inches), the Box Braid Ponytail, and the Goddess Braided Ponytail Wig. They come at varying price points which make the purchase decision a little easy to take.

Save Time, Avoid the Stress

If there is one thing that we get really good feedback on from Braided Ponytail enthusiasts about? It is the ease and convenience which the Braided Ponytail range give you. If you absolutely prefer not to spend long hours braiding your hair then this product of love is for you, Love. You can set this up in less than 60 seconds. No need to schedule an appointment, or rush out to the salon or bust a capillary vein due to blood pressure. Just chillax.

The range is developed with the very best Kanekalon fibre and is hot-water friendly. All you need to do is get your hair corn-rowed and shazam, you’re back to the future Baby!

Get the easy life. Try out the Braided Ponytail range this month, prices start at $ 40 United States Dollars (or N 15, 000) and go up to $ 63. 89 United States Dollars (or N 23, 000)

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