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Custom-Coloured Braided Ponytails

If you are looking for a protective styling unit that feels like a crown on your head then you probably should try our Custom-Coloured Braided Ponytail. It’ll make you feel like royalty so much that you might find yourself waving a sceptre and wearing an ermine cloak.

Braided Ponytail with Curly Tips (18 inches)

Every girl knows without any uncertainty that she is a Princess. A real Princess. The only thing most of us don’t know is why there are many Princesses walking around without that Princess flair. 2021 is the year in which that classy glassy piece of shoe fits the feet of real Princesses and our Braided Ponytail grace their gracious personages. Let’s have a curtsey and a bow, shall we ladies and gents?

Kinky Straight Ponytail (20 inches)

Since we’re on the theme of royalty, why don’t we riff a little about the Kinky Straight Ponytail (20 inches)? What a majestic, long tailing asset to give you that edge and style. A true fashionista favourite. The stuff that protective styling dreams are made of. We’re not sure if you drooling with desire at the moment but we’ll stop with this brief highlight for now. Keep the flutes playing!

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