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About Us

Why Are We in Demand?

We’re Nigeria’s foremost wig and protective styling brand and our thousands of customers across the country recognize this fact. It is our firm belief that the African woman’s hair should be natural, free of abusive chemicals and healthy so we set up Natural Hair Rocks to put that belief into practice.

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We’ve been winning hearts in the beauty business since 2015 and that’s why our customers include students, professional women and society dames. What are you waiting for? Book a service right away and we’ll send one of our Mobile Hair Stylists over to you to take care of you! B

We’ll deliver to wherever you are!*

We’re national and can ship any one of our exclusive wigs and protective styling products to you within 2-7 working days!

More About Us

Why Mobile Hair Styling?

We recognize that some of our customers can get caught up with the minutiae of their business and personal life. We understand this and have created the NHR Mobile Hair Styling service to meet the demands of their busy lifestyles.

You can ring up our Mobile Hair Styling service to get the following benefits:

A dedicated Stylist stationed with you to offer a customized personal experience

The convenience of your personal space or any safe space of your choice

The benefit of the same excellent NHR treatment at short notice (dedicated you give us 48 hours’ notice)

Some of our customers prefer professional guidance in preparing them for public-facing functions such as weddings, end-of-year parties, boardroom meetings, birthday parties and more. We’ll work with you to ensure that you receive the best treatment for whatever the occasion requires. We know how to transform you for the day because we’re professional women also.

Branded Natural Hair Products:

Our best-selling Wig Nene and Wig Maivel products have risen steadily to become the preferred wigs for women of style. Our Wig Technicians are professionals whose attention to detail is reflected in the quality of wigs we offer our customers.  

Wig Detailing & Restorative Service:

We can expect you to rock your NHR wigs very often and, naturally, wear and tear will set in. In anticipating this, we have set up our Wig Detailing & Restorative service to keep your wigs looking new and glamorous each time you step out.  Our experts ensure that you benefit from our Protective Styling techniques which helps to retain the length of your wig.

The Process

We’ll confirm that you purchased an NHR wig

We’ll receive your wig and undertake a review and inform you of the cost of detailing or repairs

As soon as we can complete a  review, our specialists will perform the required service, aiming to complete it within two weeks. We’ll contact you to let you know if an extension in time would be needed on your wig.

Our Other Services

Natural Hair Rocks Academy

We offer a strong coaching service to individuals looking to enter the natural hair care and beauty business through our Natural Hair Academy. This is an intensive 3-month process which comes with a certificate and an quick access-path into our employee-base for the most successful students.


We host a number of natural hair events, chief of which is our RockNatural! hair event for the discerning woman. HairParty!  Holds each year in July of each year and is attended by industry experts, natural hair enthusiasts, bloggers, journalists, customers and other stakeholders. NHR customers receive a special prior notice to attend HairParty!

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